PaPure Packs is a new Eco-concept packing solution provider for your needs. We create the design and conceptualized the ideas of branding to make it into reality as per your IMAGINATION. Our solution is simple and affordable on volume basis business at a reasonable price with an excellent support on after sales services. We cater to all types of business entities such as restaurants, hotels, coffee shops, bakery, flower shops, tailoring and all other corporate company’s needs.

We have provided and suggested designs for marketing and promotional purposes like business cards, flyers and brochures, receipts, stickers, paper bags, customized cups and other personalized items through our digital printing services. No matter what your requirements are, we have got it covered.

How it works




Our Signature Kraft Bags

Papure signature bags are made-for-purpose. We created different sizes which is most suitable for restaurants take away or food delivery. This can be used to make customized design for special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries and as bag souvenirs. These bags are made from 100% virgin food grade craft paper from Australia.

In this challenging and exciting world PaPure Packs has been precisely recognized by some business establishments in U.A.E. We are always looking forward to apply the latest technology of designing and to provide good quality for satisfactory commentaries from our customers.

Our Featured products

We offer complete freedom to your design

No matter how complex your ideas are, we will design it with perfection and will print it for your with utmost quality.

What make us different from others is that we eliminate the middle man. With us you don’t have to design your ideas separately and print it elsewhere. You can do everything under one umbrella. We take care of all the tasks and do it with the quality that meets your expectation. Think about any complex design, we will do the rest. Be it your company products or a personalized gift for your loved ones, we got you covered.

Go Green

Our company initiates and starts to push the implementation of Go Green. We have all the opportunity to choose the right thing to save our environment. We are not just focusing on business and marketing for every client, but promotes actively a safer and cleaner place. Let us all be conscious and passionate to contribute our ideas, talents and skills to protect our future.

Embracing the chance today to take care of our environment is a great pride that we can do for our family. This will clearly give us the benefits to look forward to have a worthy, better and healthier place to work for the next generation.


At Papure, we strictly follow the COVID protocols laid down by the UAE Law.

Every staff is vaccinated and is required to take tests regularly. All the equipment including electronic devices, tables, floors, machinery etc. are carefully sanitized regularly to ensure a safe working environment Entry to our offices are stricly restricted to employees and customers who wears a mask and follow the COVID safety protocols laid down by the law of the country.

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