We Strive for Excellence

Our team is here to accommodate in all aspects for every project with great creativity of excellency. We aim to do something unique that makes difference for each item we create. We are inspired by our clients who has the ideas to make a new version in every project for their business. With that, we are motivated to be on our best effort to feel satisfied with a job well done at all times. To work hard, be flexible and focus on the standards is our way of process to achieve accomplishments. We highly believed the big contribution of the team who strive to get the best result because of the work ethic is with dedication and compassion.

Some of our Major Projects

Chic Baik

The Chic Baik journey begins in Saudi Arabia. They worked in collaboration with various eat-outs in Saudi Arabia, learned different flavors of the Middle East by striving for divergent recipes and flavors, and ultimately discovered the discerning taste buds with their unique masterpieces of middle eastern cuisine.

The legendary taste in their recipe finally evolved into a unique favorite Broast Chicken Recipe that won the hearts of Saudi Arabia. It has now expanded to the capital of the United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi, as Eatery Chain.

Enjoy and experience the recipe that conquers the hearts of many people in the middle east. Chic Baik is located at Salam Electra Street, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

Phone – 056 688 6625

Rootz Fitness

The Rootz Fitness Gym has all the ways to assist you. It has the latest facilities and have enough space for ventilation, social distancing to makes everyone work out comfortably. All the equipment is Bio-medically designed to give you an excellent workout. Professional Trainers and a Physiotherapist will be there to accommodate all your concerns to achieve your fitness goals. An in-house Rootz Nutritional Café has prepared healthy food from their central kitchen to make it and available to serve you after the workout.

Proper sanitation and cleanliness are strictly observed in all areas of the gym to maintain a pleasant atmosphere for everyone.

All are in Rootz Fitness Gym, come and see for yourself. They are located at Mezzanine Floor Block B City Seasons Hotel, Electra Street, of Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

Celebrating Life


If you are looking for a unique cake for all occasions, Celebrating Life Bakery is a perfect place to go. They have this variety of cake flavors to choose from. Customized design and other ideas for any celebrations can be possibly make by the team.

Come and visit their excellent place with the friendly team to welcome you, located at Shop No. 6, Rose Tower Building, Electra Street (Opposite Royal Rose Hotel, Abu Dhabi, UAE.

With Celebrating Life, Together, we spread happiness!

AROY DEE – Thai Restaurant

Have an experience with the authentic food of the best Thai Homemade Style Restaurant in town. Aroy Dee Thai Restaurant serves fantastic Thai Food and deserts. An excellent food presentation plus a cozy place with family and friends is quite a good place to go for dining. A well-known Thai Chef is ready to serve you the authentic Thai food that you are looking for. So come and meet the friendly staff in Aroy Dee located at Salam Street Behind ADCB Head Office, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

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